News / Thrombo-embolism and pregnancy
04 February, 2018

Pregnancy and postpartum are very high-risk periods for venous thromboembolism events (TEE), which seems to extend far beyond the classical 6-8 weeks after childbirth. Pulmonary embolism (PE) is one of the 3 main causes of direct maternal death in western countries. Between 2010 an 2012 in France, 24 deaths were related to PE giving a maternal mortality ratio of 1/100,000, which is not different from the former report (2007-2009). PE is responsible of 9% of maternal deaths, in equal position with postpartum hemorrhage and amniotic fluid embolism. Four deaths (16%) occurred after pregnancy interruption (1 abortion, 3 medical interruptions), 7 (30%) during ongoing pregnancy (before 22 weeks of pregnancy) and 13 (54%) in the postpartum period (9 to 60 days after childbirth). Among these deaths, 9 occurred in extra hospital setting (at home or in the street). Fifty percent of these deaths seem to be avoidable, as it was in the former report. Main avoidability criteria were: diagnostic delay; mobilization before effective anticoagulation of proximal deep venous thrombosis; insufficient preventive treatment with low molecular weight heparin [duration and/or dose (obesity)]; unjustified induction of labor. Analyzing those deaths allow to remind that in case of high suspicion of TEE, effective anticoagulation should be started without delay, and that angio-TDM is not contraindicated in pregnant women. Low molecular weight heparin regiment should be adapted to real weight. Monitoring of anti-Xa activity, if not routinely recommended, is probably useful in case of obesity or renal insufficiency. Anticipating birth by induction of labor, in the absence of abnormal fetal heart rhythm, should not delay effective anticoagulation of near-term TEE.



Rossignol M, Morau E, Dreyfus M.


Gynecol Obstet Fertil Senol 2017 Dec; 45(12S):S31-S37.


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